I Have A Place For That!!

We really need to get to updating this blog more often!  So many things have happened since our last entry on August 6th, let’s start with a brand new episode of “Snuggles With Huggles.”  This time around, our very own spray paint huffing jester digs deep into his childhood, past all those fond memories of setting fires and watching scrambled cable porn, and pulls out a recipe for DEEP FRIED TWINKIES!!

As far as new projects go, we have a few movies in the works, each at various different stages of metamorphosis.  We’re  still chopping away at our (possibly) first feature length slasher film that, if all goes well, will go in to production this December.  Writer’s block has reared its disgusting, puss covered head again, but we’ve decided to bring out some reinforcements and we enrolled in a screenwriting class to help us through, not only the development of the story, but help us to better manage the formatting beast!

We’ve also moved another project further up the pre-production ladder: a short film about all the creepy crawlies that go bump in the night.  Can’t say too much just yet, but, suffice it to say: there’s a doll, a scarecrow, a clown, and a witch…and a heavy amount of blood and guts!!

Our latest, and most exciting development, comes in the way of our “ABCs of Death Part 2” film contest submission.  The letter the “ABCers” are looking for from amateur filmmakers is “M” and we came up with a doozy of a script, have our actors in place, teamed up with a great cinematographer / everything man in James Whelan of Shut The Door Productions and Snarling Beast Films, and are currently looking for a SPFX make up artist to give our movie that extra touch of “Oh shit, that’s disgusting!”  Filming is set to start within a few weeks, so stay tuned for updates.

A couple of belated horror birthdays since our last entry: HAPPY BIRTHDAY (8-14-57)  to actor TONY MORAN, the face of Michael Myers in the original “Halloween.”  We had the privilege of meeting Mr. Moran at a Flashback Weekend horror convention in Chicago a few years back and he was a really cool guy.


Also, HAPPY BIRTHDAY (9-7-40) to director DARIO ARGENTO, the genius behind some of our favorite horror movies of all time: “Opera,” “Deep Red,” “Tenebrae,” and, of course, “Suspiria.”


Damn bloody Hell if this scene isn’t beautiful (from “Tenebrae”):

Lastly, we’d like to end this entry with a personal story that made us feel all warm and fuzzy.

At this year’s Flashback Weekend horror convention, we had the honor of meeting actress Nancy Loomis who played the role of Annie Brackett in the original “Halloween.”  Annie had always been my favorite babysitter / Michael Myers victim (Tawny Moyer a.k.a. Nurse Jill in “Halloween 2” is a close second.)

Nancy was beautiful and elegant, gracious to her fans, and a true sweetheart.  Thanks for the autographs Nancy!!!  LOVE YOU!!!


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