A Cannibal, A Creep, and A Mascot Walk Into A Bar…

This one gets a little mushy.

After almost four years in the micro-budget movie game, we are still humbled and floored by the support we continue to get from fellow fans of the horror / creepy / what the Hell is wrong with you for liking this genre as well as our family, friends, and pets.

It hasn’t always been easy, in fact, its never been easy and we spend a good amount of time bashing our heads against the wall out of frustration and self-pity.  But man, when things click, it feels great.

Sure, we haven’t achieved any success in the way of money or fame (although that was our naive intention for entering this cut throat arena), but we learned a lot of hard lessons which made us realize that the reason why we continue to make movies and videos is out of love: the love of creating something new and original (and something that might make people squeamish and resent the fact they clicked the “play” button.)  We don’t know what the future holds, but one thing we do know is that we will continue to do what we do (whatever that is!) because there’ll always be ideas and nightmares to expand upon.  The thrill nowadays isn’t so much in the possibility of acquiring stardom, but the excitement of thinking up a new and ghastly character and letting them lose in the world.  Few people may ever see that soulless individual, but we hope those that do enjoy watching their psychopathic rampage and descent (and the blood and guts.)


For those of you who have worked with us these past four years, hopefully you know how much we genuinely appreciate all you’ve done for us.  We couldn’t do any of this madness without you!!  Y’all are a bunch of sickos and psychos!!  And endless amounts of thanks, tears, and bear hugs go out to our fans, supporters, reviewers who gave us their time, and everyone who has helped spread the Herbi love like a rash.  Or pink eye.

Now, what has reduced our rusty razor blades to mushy lumps of affection and thanks?  Well, we just got talked up by a cannibal which reminded us of a creep…which reminded us that we would be nothing without support.


We LOVE LOVE LOVE Shannon Rullo’s “Cannibal Kitchen” blog on ZombiesDontRun.net and not just because she was kind enough to help promote Herbi TWICE!!!

Shannon’s “Cannibal Kitchen” is the perfect fusion of gore and goodies making her the Julia Child of scary delicacies.  She creates original recipes based on horror films and even has a book to show for it!  Even if we weren’t making movies, we’d totally be fans of the Cannibal Kitchen (for crepe’s sake she whipped up a “Nekromantik” inspired NEKROMIXED VEGGIES dish!!)  This is good stuff.  READ THE CANNIBAL.  RESPECT THE CANNIBAL.  BUY THE BOOK to SUPPORT THE CANNIBAL!!

And while you’re at it, be sure to read Shannon’s reviews / recipes for our movies “The Mockingbird” and our submission to the “ABCs of Death Part 2” “M IS For Mascot With A Machete”!!


We met Kristin Wicks (a.k.a. Kreepylady Kristin) while hopping through the Twitter-sphere and soon learned that if you want to know all there is to know about knowing what’s going on in the Chicagoland area when it comes to all things spooky, disturbing, and weird, then Kristin is your girl!!  She writes the Chicago Creepout blog for “Chicago Now” as well as being the brains and brawn behind the Creepout’s Facebook and Twitter monsters.  Like Shannon, Kristin has shown support for Herbi and its quite the thrill knowing that a such a fan of the genre has got your back (so long as she isn’t holding a serrated blade against it.)  Thank you Kristin!!

Now, onto other news.


Our submission to the “ABCs of Death Part 2” letter M contest is still looking for you to LIKE it!!  “M is for Mascot With a Machete.”  Really, is there any need for us to tell you what its about?  If you haven’t yet, please follow this LINK to our movie and hit that little LIKE button above it.  Each LIKE is a vote and each vote gets us closer to being a finalist in the ABCs’ contest, the winner which just so happens to appear in the feature length, theatrical release.  That’s all, no big deal.

Blah, blah, blah…we’re still working on a feature length script and putting another short into pre-production.  AND we just go to help out filmmaker John Borowski with his own “ABCs of Death” submission which is probably going to be pretty fucking fantastic, just sayin’.  Thank you to John for bringing us in to assist (he already knows how much we love him.)

Stay Alive.

2 responses to “A Cannibal, A Creep, and A Mascot Walk Into A Bar…

  • shannon rullo

    Thank you guys very much for the support! I’m feeling a little to mushy for 9 AM now, I really should go even that out by bathing in the blood of virgins or something. Regardless, It’s been a pleasure doing some write ups for you guys, and I can’t wait to do some more.

  • Kristin Wicks

    Not sure know how I missed this, but what a nice surprise it was to come across such a lovely post! Thank you so much for the shout! Glad to be the “Creep” in this article! Ha ha. Keep doing what you love to do!

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